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Welcome to The Colenburg Diversified Investment Group

We are an active, global venture capital firm that specializes in investments in early-stage ideas.  We seek entrepreneurs with the experience, energy, vision and desire to build great companies.

Formed to diversify the Colenburg family investing initiatives, Colenburg Investment Company is funding global technology companies of tomorrow and helping them to achieve maximum potential through contacts, advice and support. At the same time, we provide our portfolio companies assistance in the areas of strategy, executive team recruiting, operational execution and raising capital.

From our global headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, we are able to keep a pulse on emerging technology trends in new and diverse markets as well as find entrepreneurs developing innovative business models globally. 

We invite you to explore our investment focus and learn more of our history.  We concentrate on finding new and disruptive technologies from around the world and look forward to hearing from you. 




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